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  • What do our hosted voice phone systems do for your business?

    Our Hosted Voice platform is a complete unified communications solution designed to allow your business to do more, be more efficient and achieve results quicker than ever before.

    Built on the principal that today’s businesses, and their customers, are more mobile, more tech savvy, and wish to communicate when and how they prefer, our Hosted Voice platform is built to suit your specific requirements.

  • What are the benefits of our hosted voice phone systems?

    Some of the benifits we can bring to you are:

    Lowering Costs – No longer do you need to buy and manage onsite PBX equipment which can often be hard to upgrade when new features or new users are required.

    Simplicity – Our solutions focus on making management and user experience as simple as possible, putting yourself and your staff back in control with simple portals and applications enabling you to easily and quickly share information.

    Flexibility – It’s built around your specific requirements, so as your business needs change our Hosted Voice platform can change with you. With multiple add-on features available you can be confident you have a future proof solution.

  • Do we have a receptionist console and soft phone option?

    Certainly, Our Receptionist Console is a web based application designed to assist receptionists who manage and screen inbound calls for the business. Additionally we have a Soft Phone application which allows all staff to make and receive calls directly from your PC/MAC over an internet connection allowing you to extend your phone capabilities to your desktop.

  • Call Centre and Call Recording addons.

    Our Call Centre solutions provides your business with the full capabilities of a regular call centre such as Call Queuing, customer messages on hold, call reporting and statistics, night and holiday modes.

    Call Recording allows your business to guarantee the quality of interactions with your customers. Call Recording is available as an ‘always on’ or a per call basis.

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Enterprise handsets ranging from single line phones to video enabled phones

  • Yealink T4 Series

    he Yealink T4 series is intended for discerning users with very high expectations of IP phones. It has been designed specifically for people who take great satisfaction in experiencing excellence actually being delivered.


  • Yealink T5 Series

  • Conference Phones

  • DECT Phones

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