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  • What does Australian IT Group provide?

    Australian IT Group Private WAN (Wide Area Network) service delivers a carrier-grade private MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) network for all of your remote sites.

    A private network gives your business the reliability (backed by 99.9% uptime SLAs), security (private network traffic never enters the public Internet), and performance to connect your remote sites back to the head office resources.

    By linking your remote sites, internet connections are no longer required for every site and can be consolidated to reduce expenditure. All our hosted voice products come with private WAN connections for increased performance and monitoring.

  • What are the benefits of a carrier grade MPLS private network

    Benefits of a Carrier-grade MPLS private network

    > Network traffic never leaves enters the public Internet
    > No IPSEC overhead on inter-site links
    > Unlimited traffic between your sites
    > Customisable speeds (2Mbps to 10Gbps – Ethernet)

  • What is a managed network?

    Designed for multi-site environments and remote workers who require reliable & secure connectivity solutions, our managed networks provide a carrier agnostic solution for your business.

    Leveraging connectivity services from a number of Australian carriers, backed by SLAs, we build and manage networks that offer reliability, security, scalability and cost benefits directly to your business.

    Our Managed Network services include:

    > IP-VPN Networks – internet based WAN
    > MPLS – multi-protocol label switching
    >  VPLS – virtual private LAN service
    > Customisable speeds (2Mbps to 1Gbps)

    We recommend and implement the following products in all our network environments.


  • Why makes our network services different?

    Australian IT Group provide network services and assistance to companies in need for a reliable IT partner. We focus on quality and honest network support. All our technicians are highly trained network engineers with up to date knowledge and expertise. We are trusted by 100’s of Australian companies since 2010. We are headquartered in Melbourne and have great reach and presence across Australia with on site technicians in all major states.

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High Speed Internet Services & Business Grade Firewalls

Designed to match your specific business requirements and budget
  • What internet services do we provide?

    We provide a wide range of High Speed Internet services designed to match your specific business requirements and budget.

    Our solutions are suitable for environments ranging from a 1 person office, through to a large scale environment with 100’s of staff.

    Our Internet services include:

    > NBN
    > ADSL & SHDSL
    > Ethernet Broadband – via copper & fibre
    > Wireless
    > Metered and unmetered options

  • What sort of internet firewalls do we provide?

    We provide all our clients with Fortigate firewall devices to protect their businesses incoming and outgoing traffic. some of the key features of our firewalls include:

    > Firewall, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention, Web Filtering and anti spam
    > AntiVirus /Antispyware – Choice of 4 malware options and 3 proxy based AntiVirus databases
    > VoIP Security
    > WAN Optimisation
    > Application control – recognises applications based on behaviour
    > Web filtering categorises more than 57 million websites

  • What are the benefits of a firewall?

    > Multiple layers of security
    > Choice of AntiVirus engine balances performance and provides security options for your environment
    > Provides you with the ability to enforce VoIP security on your network
    > Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimisation and VPN technologies provide clean, accelerated and secured communications
    > Provides you with comprehensive protection combined with granular and business relevant policies
    > Provides you with simplified, optimised and acceptable use policies so you can limit browsing to certain sites if needed

  • Why trust Australian IT Group to manage your internet?

    We provide our clients with an end to end solution, we don’t like to rely on third party internet and network providers when our clients are in desperate need of assistance. By partnering with Australian IT Group, we take full control and responsibility of all your internet and network needs to ensure your business is always functioning at its best.

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