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Building a Solid IT Infrastructure to Support Business Growth


Businesses have grown to largely rely on their IT infrastructure for every aspect of their daily operations. With this level of importance, the IT infrastructure should be robust, uninterrupted, safe and secure to protect the company’s best interests. Getting trusted IT support in business can go a long way in streamlining processes, improving work efficiency and delivering better output.  

To get you started, here are some tips for establishing a solid IT infrastructure that will help you keep up with your customers, competitors and industry trends. 

Select key components

The hardware you get should be able to keep up with the requirements of your business. Good key components should have good documentation, reliable support for disk encryption and up-to-date repositories with the latest versions of important software.

Procure a reliable power source

To prevent the loss of data and disturbances in your operation, you need a durable, stable and uninterrupted power source. This will let you avoid downtimes and even damage to equipment in case of power surges or outages. 

Build redundancy and backups

Develop an efficient data loss prevention strategy to mitigate damages should unexpected issues arise. You should be able to quickly access the support desk and qualified technicians to assist you. Use a VPS server in Australia to protect your data, and with cloud backups, you can protect your files, folders and even complete volumes from accidental and malicious deletions and server or computer crashes.

Analyse traffic and systems periodically

Run periodic traffic and systems analyses to ensure that the network is performing optimally. Adjust the system metrics as needed and determine which resources are accessed, overloaded or requiring additional capacity. 

Fortify your security

The digital landscape makes your business vulnerable to various digital attacks that can compromise your data’s security. This is why it’s incredibly critical that you invest in security. There are managed service providers in Melbourne that can help you establish and maintain strong firewalls, provide antivirus monitoring and management and regularly scan for system vulnerability.


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Australian IT Group has experts in identifying and delivering flexible communications solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands. As an IT support services provider, we empower your business to do more, faster and with less effort and cost.

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Secure Your Home Office with Managed IT Solutions


As your work generates more and more digital data, it becomes even more important to address the need for data security. The most effective managed IT solutions should be able to keep the data in your home office safe and secure, minimising risks of hacking, data theft and corruption. 

Here’s how you can secure your home office and protect your work.

Update your devices

Keep your devices current by installing the latest updates to protect your devices. This helps reduce chances of malware infection and other security breaches. The updates provide fixes to possible bugs and security holes and ensure your device has the latest features to keep up with the newest tech standards.

Use centralised cloud storage

When you’re saving and backing up files, having a centralised cloud storage approach comes in handy. With a secure VPS server in Australia, you can run critical business applications and websites in the cloud. A reliable IT services company can also offer options for dedicated and shared internet, as well as being able to customise CPU, memory and hard drive requirements. Your files and folders can be protected from accidental or malicious deletions and system crashes. Files can also be easily and quickly restored so you won’t have to worry about data loss.

Invest in a secure private network

 With a private WAN (Wide Area Network) service, you can have a carrier-grade private MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) network for all remote sites. Your home office can have security, reliability and efficiency, with the network traffic linked between remote sites but the data never entering the public Internet.

Get business-grade firewalls

Protect incoming and outgoing traffic by getting business-grade firewalls for your devices. Firewalls provide multiple levels of security, allowing you to enforce VoIP security on your network. They block unwanted network traffic and keep your devices and network from being attacked by malicious software. 


Improve your home office security with a reliable IT solutions company in Melbourne


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