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Work-from-home tips with the right IT support


With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way businesses operate, the work-from-home setup has become the standard choice. A good work-from-home setup includes reliable IT support that both protects your security and improves your efficiency.

Here are a few tips for a smooth work experience in your home office.

Ensure a secure connection

Working from home is no excuse to be lax with your security measures. Ensure you have encrypted secure remote access to company networks and resources. Having your company utilise VPS hosting in Australia is a good place to start, as it protects the data from server failures and makes sure your data remains secure and onshore. 

Follow a strict security checklist 

– Use a business-grade encrypted VPN connection to protect company data

– Ensure sensitive company data remains on the cloud and not on your personal device

– Enable multi-factor authentication in your work desktop

– Avoid browser plugins and programmes unless you can guarantee that the source is trustworthy

– Avoid clicking email attachments if you don’t trust the sender

– Keep your antivirus software updated

– Disable automatic login to protect your device from prying eyes

– Enable automatic locking to prevent unintended access by other people


Use the most up-to-date operating system

OS updates provide fixes to bugs and patch up security holes. They also clean up outdated software to speed up your device. Most modern devices enable automatic system updates, so it’s easy to apply.


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