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How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams


Scammers have been capitalising on the rise of digital transactions during the pandemic. According to the data compiled by Scamwatch, Australians have lost $248 million in 2021 so far, with phishing scams accounting for $3.7 million in losses. Phishing is one of the most prevalent attacks in data breaches, posing a huge threat to businesses everywhere. 

It’s important to remain vigilant and keep your data safe and secure. Here are some tips to protect your business from phishing attacks.

Always check the email display name

Phishing scammers use spoofing techniques to hide their sender email addresses. They could set up an email that impersonates your bank to deceive you into navigating their phishing page. Before clicking any links in an email, always check that the email display name is legitimate. Also take note of generic salutations, mistakes in spelling and grammar and other key differences from previous messages that you know to be official. If you think the message is suspicious, report it immediately. 

Hover over links first

Scammers often embed malware within email links. Often these look official and legitimate. To avoid the mistake of clicking compromised links, a simple tip is to hover the mouse over the link and check if the displayed full link looks suspicious. If so, delete the email. 

Conduct security awareness training

Employees and executives alike are vulnerable to phishing attacks. Conducting security awareness training allows for the analysis of everyone’s phish-prone percentage and trains them to be more on guard against phishing and ransomware attacks. This strengthens your company’s human firewall, helping to improve your actual IT security defense.    


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