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Handle FRAG Attacks with a Reliable IT Support Company

FRAG (fragmentation and aggregation) attacks are security flaws in Wi-Fi devices, targeting the network traffic by injecting it with plaintext frames that look like handshakes. They capture the traffic passing through, mimics it and impersonates the servers. FRAG attacks trickRead more

Building a Solid IT Infrastructure to Support Business Growth

Businesses have grown to largely rely on their IT infrastructure for every aspect of their daily operations. With this level of importance, the IT infrastructure should be robust, uninterrupted, safe and secure to protect the company’s best interests. Getting trustedRead more

How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams

Scammers have been capitalising on the rise of digital transactions during the pandemic. According to the data compiled by Scamwatch, Australians have lost $248 million in 2021 so far, with phishing scams accounting for $3.7 million in losses. Phishing isRead more