Handle FRAG Attacks with a Reliable IT Support Company


FRAG (fragmentation and aggregation) attacks are security flaws in Wi-Fi devices, targeting the network traffic by injecting it with plaintext frames that look like handshakes. They capture the traffic passing through, mimics it and impersonates the servers. FRAG attacks trick your Wi-Fi connected devices into thinking they are conducting safe business. 

All Wi-Fi connected devices are vulnerable to FRAG attacks, making it a significant security flaw in any system. It’s a result of design flaws in the Wi-Fi protocol and programming mistakes. 

Fortunately, tech companies have been patching these vulnerabilities and the Wi-Fi Alliance issued an update this year stating that the security holes can be patched through routine device updates. That said, the older the device, the more vulnerable it is to FRAG attacks. Newer devices that haven’t been updated with the patches are similarly vulnerable.

Here’s how you can protect your data from FRAG attacks.

Get the latest security updates 

If your business has a managed IT support provider, they are probably already handling the security for you. Still, ensure that your devices are up to date with security patches and firmware. Modern devices usually automatically install updates, but routers need you to manually select an update option to accept the installation.

Update or replace old devices 

Obsolete devices have outdated firmware and can’t receive updates anymore. They have more security flaws, which makes your data more vulnerable. Upgrade your devices and applications for better security.

Use secure encryption

HTTPS is the secure version of the internet protocol HTTP which offers encryption abilities. Whenever you sign in online, make sure you’re on an HTTPS site. You can install a browser extension, like HTTPS Everywhere, on Google Chrome. If you’re using Firefox, there are options for configuring the browser into alerting you before loading a website not encrypted with HTTPS. 

Aside from routing your traffic through an encrypted connection, you should also use secure encryption even when simply transferring files between devices on your local network. There are applications that offer encryption for secure transfers. 


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